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Article on ketogenic dietary regimes for cancer highly misleading

  • Ulrike GonderEmail author
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

In their article “Systematic review: isocaloric ketogenic dietary regimes for cancer patients” [1], Erickson et al. summarized their view on the use of ketogenic diets for treating cancer patients which I find highly biased and containing an irritating number of mistakes. I fully agree with the critiques of Klement et al. [2], but as a nutritionist researcher and writer in this field, I would like to add some comments on the Erickson et al. paper which ignores a lot of research and the possible value of ketogenic diets.

To counsel patients well and to prevent harm, nutritionists and dietitians are not only in need of evidence-based recommendations but also of good knowledge of the actual state of the scientific data (which eventually finds its way into guidelines and recommendations only after many years). They further need basic knowledge in nutrition and dieting to help patients find solutions for their problems and to guide them to follow their preferred way of eating...


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The author has received speaker’s honoraria from Swiss Medical Food, a company that developed and markets ketogenic meals as a medical food, and has written books about ketogenic diets.

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