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Transient Elastography for the Prediction of Oxaliplatin-Associated Liver Injury in Colon Cancer Patients : A Preliminary Analysis

  • Published:
Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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The prognosis of advanced colon cancer has improved significantly over the last decade since new chemotherapy regimens including oxaliplatin have been developed. However, oxaliplatin-induced liver injury and characterized hepatic hemostatic status can occur after chemotherapy. The assessment of this type of liver injury is often difficult.


Elastography (Fibroscan™) was used to evaluate liver injury in five cases before and after 5-FU, leucovorin, and oxaliplatin combination (FOLFOX) treatment.


A clear change was observed in the stiffness of liver after chemotherapy within 48 h, and the hepatic stiffness was normalized in most cases after 2 weeks. Among the five patients, one patient showed aberrant elevation after a FOLFOX treatment, and the patient showed liver injury pathologically.


Elastography is a good tool for evaluating hepatic injury after FOLFOX treatment.

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