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The Curing Coma Campaign: Challenging the Paradigm for Disorders of Consciousness

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Additional members of the CCC Executive Committee are Keri Kim, Shraddha Mainali, Leonard Polizzotto, and Jose I. Suarez. The authors wish to acknowledge the NCS and its Board of Directors for supporting the CCC. The authors also wish to acknowledge the members of the CCC, contributing, to date, in various working groups and modules (listed in the Supplementary Table).


The authors received no funding for this work.

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All authors have met the requirements for authorship and approved the final manuscript. DMO and JCH conceived of and drafted the manuscript. The CCC and its Executive Committee contributed through the development of the overall CCC, which is the topic of this article, as well as the development of the structure and concepts described.

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Correspondence to J. Claude Hemphill III.

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None of the authors have relevant disclosures or conflicts of interest related to this article.

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There is no ethical approval or informed consent relevant for this manuscript as it does not involve patient or subject-based research.

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This article is part of the collection “The Curing Coma Campaign”.

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