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Victims’ protection within the context of trafficking in human beings and European Union standards

  • Evelyn ProbstEmail author


In the context of European Union standards, our understanding of victims’ protection has to be redefined. Unconditional support for trafficked persons is manifested in EU Directive 2011/36/EU. Yet, both the right to and access to psycho-social counselling, to residence permits and to compensation is hindered through an inconsistent international legal framework. Victims’ rights have to be at the centre of victims’ protection, with a focus on their individual vulnerabilities and needs. Therefore this paper argues that victims’ protection of trafficked persons has to be understood in a broader safety frame.


Protection Residence permits Conditionality Compensation 


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  1. 1.LEFÖ–Intervention Center for Trafficked Women and Girls (LEFÖ–IBF)ViennaAustria

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