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Female autoerotic asphyxial death – features and issues

  • Roger W. ByardEmail author
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Case report

A 44-year-old woman was found by her partner and a friend hanging from a stair well at her home address. Her partner, who had been looking at a social media site in a downstairs room while she was upstairs, had gone to the front door when the friend had arrived. It was then that they noticed the body suspended from side railings at the top of the stairs by a Chinese silk dressing robe sash.

The subsequent history from her partner was that the decedent had a history of hanging herself while masturbating. Their friend confirmed that she had also previously told him that she enjoyed “auto asphyxiation” and had wanted to put up a curtain at the top of the stairs so that she would have some privacy during this activity. He had warned her that she should have some type of knot that would give way if too much weight was suspended from it (i.e. a ‘fail safe’ mechanism). The decedent’s other past history included possible bipolar illness, intravenous drug use and hepatitis C...


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