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Pulmonary hypertension in thyroid diseases


The influence of thyroid hormones on cardiovascular system is well established. Thyroid diseases can effectively enhance the alteration on cardiovascular system by influencing chronotropic and inotropic actions of the heart; altering the strength and the speed of contraction, the speed of relaxation, the duration of the potential of action, and the duration of the refractory period and atrio-ventricular conduction time; modulating circulation and peripheral vascular beds. One of the more intriguing insights in the connection between thyroid diseases and cardiovascular alterations is related to the evaluation of the influence of thyroid hormones on pulmonary vascular beds. Literature reported several studies regarding the association between both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and the occurrence of increased vascular pulmonary arterial pressure. Nevertheless, the pathogenetic mechanisms able to explain such relationship are not fully understood. Many doubts still persist in the comprehension of the mechanisms of pulmonary hypertension in thyroid diseases. The aim of this review was to provide possible explanation about the possible interaction between pulmonary vascular beds and thyroid function in order to evaluate the possibility of novel perspectives in the general management of patients suffering from thyroid and cardiovascular diseases.

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