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Table 4 The histomorphometrical parameters of trabeculae of cancellous bone in tibia obtained from 42-day-old broilers in the control group and supplemented with Cu in 25% of daily demand dependently on phytase supplementation

From: Effect of Dietary Phytase Supplementation on Bone and Hyaline Cartilage Development of Broilers Fed with Organically Complexed Copper in a Cu-Deficient Diet

Item Group SEM P value
0 Suppl
(n = 10)
(n = 10)
Cu25% + phyt
(n = 10)
BV/TV (%) 16.2a 18.2b 21.5b 0.08 P < 0.001
Tb.Th mean (μm) 33.8a 55.5b 53.4b 1.69 P = 0.023
Tb.Th max (μm) 117a 150b 148b 7.45 P < 0.001
Tb.Sp mean (μm) 186a 287b 132a 13.00 P < 0.001
Tb.Sp max (μm) 597ab 696b 381a 39.70 P = 0.012
Fd (–) 1.54b 1.46a 1.62c 0.016 P < 0.001
Tb.N (mm−1) 4.75a 4.07a 6.13b 0.62 P < 0.001
  1. Mean values in rows with different lowercase letters differ significantly at P < 0.05; data given are means
  2. SEM standard error of the mean, BV/TV relative bone volume, Tb.Th trabecular thickness, Tb.Sp trabecular separation, Fd fractal dimension of trabecular bone, Tb.N trabecular number, 0 Suppl the control group without received Cu in premix, Cu25% the group received Cu in 25% of daily demand from Cu-Gly, Cu25% + phyt the group received Cu in 25% of daily demand from Cu-Gly with phytase