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Oxygen Transfer in Solid-State Cultivation Under Controlled Moisture Conditions


The aim of this work was to study oxygen transfer as a function of the initial moisture content in solid-state cultivation under controlled moisture conditions. The use of controlled moisture conditions prevents drastic changes in the medium during cultivation, allowing the use of a pseudo-steady-state model to estimate the overall oxygen mass transfer coefficient (K L a) in the biofilm around the solid particles. Drechslera (Helminthosporium) monoceras, an aerobic mold that produces allergenic proteins, was cultured on wheat bran in a packed bed column bioreactor. The bed height (30 mm) and air flow rate (0.4 L/min) were selected to implement moisture control. The results show that there is an optimal moisture content (35 %) at which a lower biofilm thickness and packing of the bed improves K L a. However, a higher biomass growth was obtained at 45 % moisture. The different patterns of biomass growth demonstrate the importance of the balance between aerial and film growth in solid-state cultivation. These results contribute to the understanding of oxygen transfer in solid fermentation, optimization of processes, and production of allergen extracts from D. (Helminthosporium) monoceras biomass.

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φ :

Bed porosity (%)

ρ bulk :

Bulk density (g/cm3)

ρ real :

Solid real density (g/cm3)

C * :

Equilibrium oxygen concentration [mol/m3]

C G :

Oxygen concentration in gas phase [mol/m3]

C L :

Oxygen concentration in liquid film [mg/L]

\( {D}_{{\mathrm{O}}_2,\ \mathrm{L}} \) :

Oxygen diffusivity in liquid phase [m2/s]

F :

Air flow rate [L/min]

K L a :

Overall oxygen transfer coefficient [s−1]

N :

Overall oxygen transfer rate [mol/s m3]

R 1 :

Radius of solid particle alone [mm]

R 2 :

Radius of solid particle with the surrounding liquid film [mm]

\( {R}_{{\mathrm{O}}_2} \) :

Oxygen consumption rate per biofilm volume [mol/s m3]

V S :

Volume of solid medium [m3]


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The authors gratefully acknowledge Prof. Walderez Gamballe, who generously provided the fungus strain, and the Brazilian agencies CNPq and CAPES in addition to the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP).

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  • Solid-state cultivation
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