Managing design change order in a PLM platform using a CSP approach

  • Guillaume DucellierEmail author
  • Pierre-Alain Yvars
  • Benoît Eynard
Original Paper


This paper focuses on the impact of Design Change Orders (DCO) on the product data into a PLM platform. In a context of concurrent engineering, we concentrate on the management of product data associated to the product structure. As PLM platform architecture is not fully adapted to conduct DCO on the product data, we propose a specific approach for facilitating DCO execution and comprehension. In this context, a constraint based approach is proposed. The aim of this approach is to provide a view of all the product data concerned by the DCO at the beginning of the DCO process. Based on this view, called product data constraint graph, the project leader can assign the corresponding resources to the DCO process. An example illustrates the benefits of our proposition and the first results concerning this underdevelopment approach are presented.


Product lifecycle management (PLM) Constraint satisfaction problems (CSP) Design change order (DCO) 


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  • Pierre-Alain Yvars
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  • Benoît Eynard
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  2. 2.SUPMECA, LISMMASaint-Ouen CedexFrance
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