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Hydrophobicity and wear resistance of ceria/PTFE composite coatings

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Journal of Coatings Technology and Research Aims and scope Submit manuscript


For the purposes of investigating the effects of ceria content on the anti-icing, hydrophobicity, and antiwear performances of ceria/polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) composite coatings, ceria/PTFE composite coatings with ceria mass fractions of 0%, 1%, 3%, 5%, and 7% were prepared via one-step spraying method. The water contact angles (WCAs) on the composite coatings were measured via contact angle measuring device. The antiwear performance was characterized via ball-on-disk sliding tribo-tests. Experimental results show that the addition of ceria with a content of 5 wt% is the most effective to enhance hydrophobicity of the coatings, resulting from the coating surface structure, roughness, and intrinsic hydrophobicity of ceria. Moreover, the addition of ceria is helpful to the improvement of antiwear performances of PTFE composite coatings, when the content of ceria is 1–7 wt%. Ceria/PTFE composite coatings with a ceria content of 5 wt% show a wear rate of 0.388 × 10−4 mm3/Nm, which is 80.6% lower than that of PTFE coating without ceria (2.000 × 10−4 mm3/Nm).

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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China: [Grant Number 41872183]; Joint Fund of Ministry of Education for Pre-Research of Equipment for Young Personnel Project: [Grant Number 6141A02033120]; the Pre-Research Program in National 13th Five-Year Plan: [Grant Number 61409230603]; and National Key Technologies R&D Program of China: [Grant Number 2018YFC0603403]; the Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities: [Grant Number 2652018095].

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