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Numerical modeling of the spray coating of spinning bodies

  • D. E. WeidnerEmail author
  • L. W. Schwartz
  • R. R. Eley


We derive the lubrication form of the fluid mechanical equations governing the motion of a thin liquid film on an arbitrarily curved, rotating, axisymmetric substrate. The resulting equations are discretized and then solved numerically using an efficient implicit finite difference algorithm. Non-Newtonian effects are included by incorporating an Ellis viscosity model. The primary application for this work is to model the spin coating of the interior of two-piece metal beverage cans, and we consider this problem in some depth. Specifically, we show how adjusting several parameters can eliminate one possible defect in the spin coating process: the tendency for droplets to detach from the substrate when the can is spun at high rotation rates.


Spin coating Spray coating Numerical modeling 


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