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UV-cured organic–inorganic hybrid moisture barrier materials based on polybutadiene dimethacrylate

  • Shaohui Liu
  • Ya Wu
  • Jun Nie
  • Yong HeEmail author


In this study, a synthesized polymerizable quaternary ammonium salt (PQAS-18) was intercalated into inorganic sodium montmorillonite (Na-MMT) as an organic modifier via cationic exchange. Afterward, a novel organic–inorganic hybrid material was prepared through in situ UV-curing technology and combined with a polymer matrix based on polybutadiene dimethacrylate (PBDMA). PQAS-18 fixed the crosslinked network due to its double bond, thereby leading to firm bonding between the polymer matrix and organoclay; moreover, our study showed homogeneous dispersion of the lamellar structure in the polymer matrix. X-ray diffraction proved that the distance between Na-MMT layers increased, and water vapor transmission measurement showed that the moisture barrier property of cured hybrid film was remarkably improved.


Organic–inorganic hybrid material Polymerizable quaternary ammonium salt Photopolymerization Moisture barrier 



The authors also thank the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2017YFB0307800) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (51573011, 51373015) for their financial support.

Supplementary material

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  1. 1.College of Materials Science and EngineeringBeijing University of Chemical TechnologyBeijingChina

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