Color prediction of metallic coatings from measurements at common geometries in portable multiangle spectrophotometers


Illuminating and viewing geometries may strongly affect the color appearance of metallic coatings, which can be characterized accurately by bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) measurement devices. However, such devices with hundreds or even thousands of different geometries are usually expensive and complex. Accordingly, two modified models were developed in this study, based on the distribution of aluminum-flake pigments in the coatings, to, respectively, estimate the spectral radiance factors and the CIE tristimulus values of metallic coatings utilizing the measurements at 6 common geometries of portable multiangle spectrophotometers. Their performance was examined with 65 achromatic and 20 chromatic metallic coating samples under D65, A, and F11 illuminants. The average CIEDE2000 color differences over all 19 geometries were found to be less than 1.8 for both models, while the average CAM02-SCD and CIELAB color differences can, respectively, reach 1.7 and 2.0, indicating the effectiveness of our methods.

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