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Student-Driven Courses on the Social and Ecological Responsibilities of Engineers

Commentary on “Student-Inspired Activities for the Teaching and Learning of Engineering Ethics”


A group of engineering students at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, designed a course on engineering ethics. The core element of the developed Blue Engineering course are self-contained teaching-units, “building blocks”. These building blocks typically cover one complex topic and make use of various teaching methods using moderators who lead discussions, rather than experts who lecture. Consequently, the students themselves started to offer the credited course to their fellow students who take an active role in further developing the course themselves.

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  1. More information is available at the general Homepage of the Blue Engineering-Group, (Accessed 15 October 2013). In the future, it is expected that there will be an open access database containing the building blocks. In addition, a German reader containing several building blocks and giving a short overview and history of Blue Engineering can be accessed at (Accessed 15 October 2013).


  • Alpay, E. (2011). Student-inspired activities for the teaching and learning of engineering ethics. Science and Engineering Ethics, 19(4), this issue. doi:10.1007/s11948-011-9297-8.

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