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Degradation Kinetics of Colour and Total Carotenoids in Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) Bulb Slices During Hot Air Drying

  • Alok SaxenaEmail author
  • Tanushree Maity
  • P. S. Raju
  • A. S. Bawa
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The kinetics of colour and carotenoids degradation in jackfruit bulb slices was evaluated during hot air drying at 50, 60 and 70 °C. Visual colour as well as total carotenoids (TC) content was found to be influenced by the drying process. Tri-stimulus colour parameters such as Hunter L and b values decreased and a value increased during drying. The combination of Hunter L × b value was found to represent the colour change adequately. Degradation of TC and visual colour in terms of Hunter L × b value followed first-order reaction kinetics; however, zero-order reaction kinetics was found adequate to describe changes in total colour difference (TCD) and non-enzymatic browning (NEB). Dependence of the rate constant followed the Arrhenius relationship. The process activation energies (E a) for Hunter L × b value, TCD, NEB and TC were 29.96, 27.21, 27.48 and 55.61 kJ/mol, respectively. Higher E a for TC content indicated greater temperature sensitivity as compared with other colour parameters. Relationship of TC content and Hunter L × b value was found to be more consistent through regression analysis with R 2 ≥ 0.979.


Jackfruit bulbs Colour Kinetics Degradation Correlation 



Absorbance at 420 nm at drying time t


Initial absorbance at 420 nm


Value of total carotenoids content at drying time t


Initial value of total carotenoids content


Activation energy


Value of visual colour in terms of hunter L × b value or total color difference at drying time t


Initial value of visual colour in terms of hunter L × b value or total color difference


Rate constant (h−1)


Arrhenius equation constant


Order of the reaction


Non-enzymatic browning


Measured quality parameter (s) (hunter L × b value total colour difference, non-enzymatic browning, total carotenoids content) at drying time t


Measured quality parameter at zero time


Universal gas constant (8.314 kJ/mol)


Root mean square error


Drying temperature (K)


Drying time (h)


Total carotenoids


Total colour difference


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  • Tanushree Maity
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  • P. S. Raju
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  • A. S. Bawa
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