Contemporary Epidemiology of Cirrhosis

  • Jad A. Baki
  • Elliot B. TapperEmail author
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Purpose of Review

We sought to review the contemporary epidemiology of cirrhosis, focusing on the relative burden of the most common chronic liver diseases.

Recent Findings

The key findings in the review highlight the increasing prevalence and impact of alcohol-related liver disease, particularly among young people, and the epidemic of nonalcoholic fatty liver commensurate with rising rates of obesity. We also contrast recent advances in the care of persons with hepatitis C with the lamentable rise in new infections associated with intravenous drug use. Finally, we highlight the impact of both conventional complications of cirrhosis (namely hepatic encephalopathy) but also the host of patient-reported outcomes adversely impacted by the symptoms of cirrhosis.


Cirrhosis is associated with an expanding footprint in contemporary public health. In order to improve global outcomes, we must not only focus on the identifying and treating persons with viral hepatitis but also preventing the rise of alcohol-related liver disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease while attending to the urgent patient-centered needs posed by the symptoms of cirrhosis.


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