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Small bowel ulcers

  • Umaprasanna S. Karnam
  • Charles M. Rosen
  • Jeffrey B. Raskin

Opinion statement

Treatment of small intestinal ulcers depends on the cause of the ulcers. Ulcerations of the small intestine (apart from duodenal ulcers) are uncommon. Two diverse syndromes of idiopathic small bowel ulcerations include the isolated nonspecific ulcer and idiopathic chronic ulcerative enteritis (ICUE). Treatment of isolated nonspecific ulcers include discontinuation of medications known to cause nonspecific ulcerations, balloon dilation of strictures, and segmental resection of involved segments. Treatment of ICUE includes a diet trial of gluten restriction and consideration of early surgery because of the potential for associated malignancies. Steroid therapy has not been shown to be effective in the treatment of ICUE.


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