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Effects of Cannabis Use on Sexual Function in Women: a Review

  • Female Sexual Dysfunction and Disorders (A Stanton, Section Editor)
  • Published:
Current Sexual Health Reports Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Purpose of Review

To evaluate the medical literature regarding the effects of cannabis use on female sexual function in order to provide healthcare professionals with a summary of the most recent data.

Recent Findings

Limited data has shown that there is a correlation between cannabis use and an improvement in female sexual function in some settings at moderate doses. Cannabis use at moderate doses may positively affect several domains of sexual function, such as orgasm, libido, and arousal, dissimilarly. Cannabis use at high doses may have negative effects on female sexual function.


Small studies of poor quality have determined that the use of moderate amounts of cannabis during the sexual experience may improve female sexual function. However, further research is needed, specifically randomized, placebo-controlled trials, to determine the effects of cannabis on different domains of sexual experiences as well as the sexual experience as a whole. Current data has shown that cannabis may have both positive and negative effects depending on the dosage, frequency of use, and domain of sexual experience in question. Nonetheless, with cannabis becoming legalized and used frequently in more states, it is imperative that we understand its effects on female sexuality.

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Papers of particular interest, published recently, have been highlighted as: •• Of major importance

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