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Female Ejaculation, G Spot, A Spot, and Should We Be Looking for Spots?

  • Beverly WhippleEmail author
Current Controversies (P Kleinplatz and C Moser, Section Editors)
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This review considers research concerning the phenomenon of female ejaculation, the G spot, and the A spot. These topics have been the object of controversy in recent decades. Female ejaculation has been written about for more than 2000 years. The area of the Grafenberg or G spot was named by Drs. John Perry and Beverly Whipple in the early 1980s in honor of Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, and the A spot was identified by Dr. Chua Chee Ann in 1997. The goal of this author’s research program has been to validate, in a laboratory setting, women’s reports of pleasurable sensual and sexual experiences, not to create new goals, new spots, or controversy.


Female ejaculation G spot Grafenberg spot A spot Gushing Squirting Female prostate gland Clitourethrovaginal complex CUV 


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