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Organ Transplantation in HIV Patients: Current Status and New Directions

  • Valentina Stosor
Transplant and Oncology (M Ison and N Theodoropoulos, Section Editors)


Combination antiretroviral therapy has resulted in longer life expectancies in persons living with HIV; however, end organ disease and death from organ failure have become growing issues for this population. With effective therapies for viral suppression, HIV is no longer considered an absolute contraindication to organ transplantation. Over the past decade, studies of transplantation in patients with HIV have had encouraging results such that patients with organ failure are pursuing transplantation. This review focuses on the current status of organ transplantation for HIV-infected persons.


Human immunodeficiency virus Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Hepatitis C infection Hepatitis B infection Organ transplantation Kidney transplantation Liver transplantation Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Heart transplantation Mechanical circulatory support Pancreas transplantation Lung transplantation 


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