Current Heart Failure Reports

, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp 163–163 | Cite as

Erratum to: Galectin-3 in Cardiac Remodeling and Heart Failure

  • Rudolf A. de BoerEmail author
  • Lili Yu
  • Dirk J. van Veldhuisen

Erratum to: Curr Heart Fail Rep 2010, 7(1):1–8

DOI: 10.1007/s11897-010-0004-x

De Boer RA, Yu L, van Veldhuisen DJ: Galectin-3 in Cardiac Remodeling and Heart Failure. Curr Heart Fail Rep 2010, 7(1):1–8.

This article was published in the March 2010 issue of Current Heart Failure Reports (volume 7, issue 1).

The authors provided incomplete financial disclosure information. In remedy, the authors indicate the following potential conflict of interest during the date of submission: BG Medicine, Inc., which has certain rights related to galectin-3, provided an unrestricted research grant to the Department of Cardiology of the University Medical Centre Groningen. Dr. Dirk J. van Veldhuisen has received consulting and speaker’s fees from BG Medicine. The authors regret not disclosing these conflicts.

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  • Rudolf A. de Boer
    • 1
    Email author
  • Lili Yu
    • 1
  • Dirk J. van Veldhuisen
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Cardiology, Division of Experimental CardiologyUniversity Medical Center GroningenGroningenThe Netherlands

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