D. Canter: Psychology and Law: Bridging the Gap

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A psychologist named Dr. David Canter decided to share his expert insights on offender profiling, which inspired him to write an uplifting book called Psychology and Law. His emotional book looks at the psychophysiology behind extreme punishments, such as time in prison. The goal of the book is to provide insights as to how the fields of psychology and criminology come together to understand the potential lies that offenders may tell to avoid punishment. The etiologies of criminal offenses will be discussed, along with the emotions and behaviors surrounding those possible deceptions. Methods of measuring mental illness will also be included in this manuscript, which are the same concepts that are mentioned in the book. Another topic of relevance to forensic psychologists that will be explored is the behavioral profiling of convicts. These topics are directly pulled from Dr. Canter’s exciting book that describes measurements for deception.

The polygraph is an instrument used to measure...



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