Applications of Colon Capsule Endoscopy

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Purpose of Review

This is a review of colon capsule endoscopy (CCE) with a focus on its recent developments, technological improvements, and current and potential future indications.

Recent Findings

Based on the current literature, CCE II demonstrates comparable polyp detection rates as optical colonoscopy and CT colonography, and improved cost-effectiveness. The main limitation to patient acceptance is the requirement of a rigorous bowel preparation. Preliminary studies show good correlation between CCE and optical colonoscopy for assessment of colonic disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


CCE II is currently FDA, approved as an adjunctive test in patients with prior incomplete colonoscopy, and in the evaluation of patients with suspected lower gastrointestinal bleeding. The test is approved in Europe as one of the options for average-risk colorectal cancer screening, and high-risk screening in patients with contraindications or unwilling to undergo colonoscopy. CCE has a potential role in the evaluation and monitoring of colonic disease activity in IBD. Future technological advances should focus on minimizing bowel preparation, improvement in reading times, and development of therapeutic capabilities.

• With technological improvements, the second-generation colon capsule has a significantly higher sensitivity than the first-generation capsule for detection of colon polyps.

• Colon capsule endoscopy has been approved in Europe as an option for average-risk colorectal cancer screening, and high-risk screening in patients with contraindications or unwilling to undergo colonoscopy.

• Colon capsule endoscopy has received FDA approval as an option for colorectal cancer screening in patients with prior incomplete colonoscopy, and in evaluation of patients with suspected lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

• Colon capsule endoscopy may have a role in evaluation and monitoring of inflammatory bowel disease.

• Colon capsule endoscopy currently requires a bowel preparation that is more rigorous than colonoscopy.


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