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Pericardiectomy and Pericardial Window for the Treatment of Pericardial Disease in the Contemporary Era

  • Pericardial Disease (AL Klein and CL Jellis, Section Editors)
  • Published:
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Purpose of Review

To summarize the contemporary practice of pericardiectomy and pericardial window. We discuss the indications, preoperative planning, procedural aspects, postprocedural management, and outcomes of each procedure.

Recent Findings

Surgical approaches for the treatment of pericardial disease have been around even before the emergence of cardiopulmonary bypass. Since the forthcoming of cardiopulmonary bypass, there have been significant changes in the epidemiology and diagnostic approach of pericardial diseases as well as advancements in the surgical techniques and perioperative management used in the care of these patients.


Pericardiectomy has an average mortality of almost 7% and is typically performed in patients with advanced symptoms from constrictive pericarditis and relatively few comorbidities. Pericardial window is a safe procedure for the treatment of pericardial effusion that can be performed with different approaches.

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