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An improvement of the Marcinkiewicz multiplier theorem

  • Published:
Israel Journal of Mathematics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


We provide an improvement of the Marcinkiewicz multiplier theorem on ℝn by relaxing the integrability hypothesis on the multiplier. In particular, when r> 1 and min(s1, …, sn) > 1/r, we replace the product-type Sobolev norm \({\left\| {{{(I - \partial _1^2)}^{{s_1}/2}} \cdots {{(I - \partial _n^2)}^{{s_n}/2}}[\Phi \,g]} \right\|_{{L^r}}}\) by the larger Sobolev norm \({\left\| {{{(I - \partial _1^2)}^{{s_1}/2}} \cdots {{(I - \partial _n^2)}^{{s_n}/2}}[\Phi \,g]} \right\|_{{L^{q,1}}}}\) built upon the Lorentz space with first indices q = 1/min(s1,…,sn) and 1. Here si > 0 are distinct numbers and Φ is a function with compact support away from the origin.

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The author would like to thank Harsh Kumar for useful conversations related to this problem. He also thanks the referee for comments that led to the improvement of the exposition.

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Correspondence to Loukas Grafakos.

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The author acknowledges the support of the Simons Foundation.

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