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Cocycle rigidity of abelian partially hyperbolic actions

  • Zhenqi Jenny Wang


Suppose G is a higher-rank connected semisimple Lie group with finite center and without compact factors. Let G = G or G = GV, where V is a finite-dimensional vector space V. For any unitary representation (π,H) of G, we study the twisted cohomological equation π(a)fλf = g for partially hyperbolic element aG and λU(1), as well as the twisted cocycle equation π(a1)f − λ1f = π(a2)g − λ2g for commuting partially hyperbolic elements a1, a2G. We characterize the obstructions to solving these equations, construct smooth solutions and obtain tame Sobolev estimates for the solutions. These results can be extended to partially hyperbolic flows in parallel.

As an application, we prove cocycle rigidity for any abelian higher-rank partially hyperbolic algebraic actions. This is the first paper exploring rigidity properties of partially hyperbolic that the hyperbolic directions don’t generate the whole tangent space. The result can be viewed as a first step toward the application of KAM method in obtaining differential rigidity for these actions in future works.


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