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Vertical versus horizontal Poincaré inequalities on the Heisenberg group

  • Vincent LafforgueEmail author
  • Assaf Naor


Let ℍ = 〈a, b|a[a, b] = [a, b]ab[a, b] = [a, b]b〉 be the discrete Heisenberg group, equipped with the left-invariant word metric d W (·, ·) associated to the generating set {a, b, a −1, b −1}. Letting B n = {x ∈ ℍ: d W (x, e ) ⩽ n} denote the corresponding closed ball of radius n ∈ ℕ, and writing c = [a, b] = aba −1 b −1, we prove that if (X, ‖ · ‖X) is a Banach space whose modulus of uniform convexity has power type q ∈ [2,∞), then there exists K ∈ (0, ∞) such that every f: ℍ → X satisfies
$$\sum\limits_{k = 1}^{{n^2}} {\sum\limits_{x \in {B_n}} {\frac{{\left\| {f(x{c^k}) - f(x)} \right\|_X^q}}{{{k^{1 + q/2}}}}} } \leqslant K\sum\limits_{x \in {B_{21n}}} {(\left\| {f(xa) - f(x)} \right\|_X^q + \left\| {f(xb) - f(x)} \right\|_X^q)} $$
. It follows that for every n ∈ ℕ the bi-Lipschitz distortion of every f: B n X is at least a constant multiple of (log n)1/q , an asymptotically optimal estimate as n → ∞.


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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Mathématiques - Analyse, Probabilités, Modélisation - Orléans (MAPMO) UMR CNRS 6628Université d’Orléans, Rue de ChartresOrléans cedex 2France
  2. 2.Courant Institute of Mathematical SciencesNew York UniversityNew YorkUSA

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