Journal of Coastal Conservation

, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp 423–441 | Cite as

Evidences of different salinization sources in the roman coastal aquifer (Central Italy)

  • Lucia Mastrorillo
  • Roberto Mazza
  • Fabio Manca
  • Paola Tuccimei


The coastal aquifer of Rome is hosted in the Tiber River Delta depositional sequence, in a densely populated area, which was reclaimed at the end of the 19th century. Moderate salinization processes characterize this aquifer. Hydrogeological and hydrochemical surveys were carried out in October 2012 and February 2013 in the southern sector of the Delta. Hydrogeological surveys updated knowledge of groundwater morphology and a detailed conceptual hydrogeological model of the coastal aquifer was realized. Hydrochemical analyses helped to identify the salinization spatial distribution and to specify the main groundwater types. The most salinized water was not detected close to the coastline, where seawater intrusion processes would be expected, but in the inner areas. Moreover, the salinization processes resulted to be slightly marked. Results so far suggest that the source of salinization may be related more to a combination of land use and historical development of the Tiber River Delta, rather than to seawater.


Tiber River Delta Coastal aquifer Seawater intrusion Aquifer salinization sources 



The authors would like to thank B. Zaccaria and E. Ruta for the field surveys.


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