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William Wilde: Historian


This essay attempts to assess William Wilde as a social historian. It examines some of his contributions to the discipline of history and looks particularly at ‘The food of the Irish’, which was published in the Dublin University Magazine in February 1854.

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  1. Wilde WR (1846) The history of periodic medical literature in Ireland, including notices of the medical and philosophical societies of Dublin. Dublin Q J Med Sci 1:xlvii

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  2. Wilde WR (1849) Report upon the recent epidemic fever in Ireland. DQJMS 7:64–126, 340–404

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  4. Wilde WR (1854) The food of the Irish. Dublin Univ Mag xliii:127–128 (to kitchen was to add flavouring or relish to food; ‘point’ was anything that was used for that purpose)

  5. Ibid 126–146

  6. Gray P (2010) Accounting for catastrophe: William Wilde, the 1851 Irish census and the great famine. In: De Nie M, Farrell S (eds) Power and popular culture in modern Ireland. Essays in honour of James S. Donnelly, Jr. Irish Academic Press, Dublin, pp 59–64

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  • Social history
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  • The Great Famine
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