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Engaging Engagements with Engaging Buddhism

  • Jay GarfieldEmail author

First, let me thank all three of my critics for their thoughtful and generous engagement with Engaging Buddhism, and Christian Coseru for organizing this session. I have learned a lot from these critical essays, and they raise more important questions and issues than I have space to address here. Rather than address each critic in turn, I would like to address the issues they raise collectively, speaking to each critic in the context of a more general philosophical conversation. I will first address a set of methodological problems they raise, and then turn to a broad set of issues surrounding how we think about experience and what we might learn from the Buddhist tradition about how to interrogate it. I will then respond to some problems about the self before returning to some specific questions about method.


Anita Avramides reflects helpfully on the preconditions of the kind of conversation I am trying to move along. She points out correctly that productive conversation...


Buddhist Philosophy 

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