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Review of Poetry and the Religious imagination: the Power of the Word, edited by Francesca Bugliani Knox and David Lonsdale

Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 2015, ISBN 978-1-4724-2626-0, 280pp.
  • Daniel John Pilkington

This collection of essays derives from the 2011 ‘Power of the Word’ conference at Heythrop College and represents the latest interdisciplinary work at the intersection between poetry, philosophy, and theology. The overarching aim is to investigate the relationship between poetry and the religious imagination, without subordinating one to the other, while simultaneously challenging ‘the disjunction between imagination and reason’ (p. 1). With such ambitious intentions, there is an exciting diversity of methodologies on display and a broad range of secondary issues. The editors have successively dealt with this by arranging the book into five parts: the first contextualizes the interdisciplinary studies of theology and literature; the second seeks to define the religious imagination, while exploring various high points in its poetic expression (Aquinas, Dante, Shakespeare, and Wallace Stevens); the third section studies possible connections between inspiration, contemplation, and the...

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