Partitioning of Solutes at Crystal Defects in Borides After Creep and Annealing in a Polycrystalline Superalloy


We have investigated the partitioning of solutes at crystal defects in intergranular Cr-rich M2B borides after creep at 850°C/185MPa and annealing at 850°C for approximately 3000 h in a polycrystalline nickel-based superalloy. Borides were found to coarsen in both cases, with the borides after creep being the thickest (800–1100 nm), compared to borides annealed in the absence of an external applied load (400–600 nm). Transmission electron microscopy revealed that the coarsened borides have either a tetragonal I4/mcm structure, or an orthorhombic Fddd, with those two structures coexisting in a single particle. The presence of a very high density of planar faults was systematically observed within the coarsened borides. The faults were correlated with chemical fluctuations of B and Cr, revealed by atom probe tomography. In addition, partitioning of Ni and Co was observed at dislocations within the borides after creep, providing insights into the deformation of borides.

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P.K. thanks Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery for provision of the material and performing the creep and annealing tests. Uwe Tezins and Andreas Sturm for their support to the FIB and APT facilities at MPIE. L.L. thanks P. Vermaut for fruitful discussions. We are grateful for the financial support from the Max-Planck Gesellschaft via the Laplace project for both equipment and personnel (P.K.). BG acknowledges financial support from the ERC-CoG-SHINE-771602. The authors also acknowledge use of the ZGH infrastructure (FIB Thermo Fisher Scientific, Helios G4 CX).

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