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Effect of Silver on Corrosion Behavior of Plastically Deformed Twinning-Induced Plasticity Steel for Biodegradable Stents

  • Biodegradable Materials for Medical Applications
  • Published:
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Magnesium-based alloys have insufficient mechanical properties to make stents as thin as permanent ones.. Twinning-induced plasticity steels, made of Fe, Mn, and C, show significant potential in terms of mechanical properties, but their corrosion rate is too slow. Addition of silver shows promise in this sense; However, the corrosion mechanism promoted by addition of Ag remains unclear. Moreover, the effect of plastic deformation on the corrosion mechanism is still unknown for this system. The effect of silver on the degradation behavior of a deformed twinning-induced plasticity steel has been studied. It was observed that Ag did not accelerate the corrosion rate. On the other hand, its addition promoted more uniform degradation, thus indicating the potential of twinning-induced plasticity steels for application in very thin biodegradable stents.

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The authors would like to thank Leticia Marin de Andrade from Laval University and Ruben Beltrami from Politecnico di Milano for professional support with the interpretation of the electrochemical results, together with Vicky Dodier from Laval University for invaluable assistance with MP-AES analyses. This work was funded by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada under the CU-I2I and Discovery program. Financial support and technical collaboration from AMEC Usinage, Plasmionique Inc., Umano Medical Inc. and Metalliage Inc. is also acknowledged and much appreciated. S.L. acknowledges funding from a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. D.M. was supported by NSERC-Canada and holds a Canada Research Chair Tier I.

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