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Data-Driven Mechanistic Modeling of Influence of Microstructure on High-Cycle Fatigue Life of Nickel Titanium


A data-driven mechanistic modeling technique is applied to a system representative of a broken-up inclusion (“stringer”) within drawn nickel-titanium wire or tube, e.g., as used for arterial stents. The approach uses a decomposition of the problem into a training stage and a prediction stage. It is applied to compute the fatigue crack incubation life of a microstructure of interest under high-cycle fatigue. A parametric study of a matrix–inclusion–void microstructure is conducted. The results indicate that, within the range studied, a larger void between halves of the inclusion increases fatigue life, while larger inclusion diameter reduces fatigue life.

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C.Y., M.S., and W.K.L. thank the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Center for Hierarchical Materials Design (CHiMaD) under Grant Nos. 70NANB13Hl94 and 70NANB14H012; W.K.L. also acknowledges the support of the AFOSR. O.L.K. thanks the National Science Foundation (NSF) for their support through the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) under financial Award Number DGE-1324585.

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