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Sustainability of Metal Structures via Spray-Clad Remanufacturing

  • Gregory M. SmithEmail author
  • Sanjay Sampath
Toward Resources and Processes Sustainability


Structural reclamation and remanufacturing is an important future design consideration to allow sustainable recovery of degraded structural metals. Heavy machinery and infrastructure components subjected to extended use and/or environment induced degradation require costly and time-consuming replacement. If these parts can be remanufactured to original tolerances, and returned to service with “as good or better” performance, significant reductions in materials, cost, and environmental impact can be achieved. Localized additive restoration via thermal or cold spray methods is a promising approach in recovering and restoring original design strength of degraded metals. The advent of high velocity spray deposition technologies has allowed deposition of near full density materials. In this review, the fundamental scientific and technological elements of such local additive restoration is contemplated including materials, processes, and methodologies to assess the capabilities of such remanufactured systems. This points to sustainable material reclamation, as well as a route toward resource and process sustainability.



The authors would like to acknowledge Dr. Andrew Vackel, Dr. Xiaotao Luo, and Dr. Brian Choi for their assistance in development of these methodologies and spray practices, as well as Dr. Vackel’s collaboration with the Canadian National Research Council (CNRC) in Boucherville, Canada and at VTT, Finland in producing some of the evaluated coatings. Support comes from the Industrial Consortium for Thermal Spray Technology at Stony Brook University.


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