A New Polycrystalline Co-Ni Superalloy


In 2006, a new-ordered L12 phase, Co3(Al,W), was discovered that can form coherently in a face-centered cubic (fcc) A1 Co matrix. Since then, a community has developed that is attempting to take these alloys forward into practical applications in gas turbines. A new candidate polycrystalline Co-Ni γ/γ′ superalloy, V208C, is presented that has the nominal composition 36Co-35Ni-15Cr-10Al-3W-1Ta (at.%). The alloy was produced by conventional powder metallurgy superalloy methods. After forging, a γ′ fraction of ~56% and a secondary γ′ size of 88 nm were obtained, with a grain size of 2.5 μm. The solvus temperature was 1000°C. The density was found to be 8.52 g cm−3, which is similar to existing Ni alloys with this level of γ′. The alloy showed the flow stress anomaly and a yield strength of 920 MPa at room temperature and 820 MPa at 800°C, similar to that of Mar-M247. These values are significantly higher than those found for either conventional solution and carbide-strengthened Co alloys or the γ/γ′ Co superalloys presented in the literature thus far. The oxidation resistance, with a mass gain of 0.08 mg cm−2 in 100 h at 800°C, is also comparable with that of existing high-temperature Ni superalloys. These results suggest that Co-based and Co-Ni superalloys may hold some promise for the future in gas turbine applications.

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The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support provided by Rolls-Royce plc, Imperial College London, and EPSRC (U.K.) Grant EP/H022309/1. Useful conversations with Drs Vassili Vorontsov, Hui-Yu Yan (Imperial), and Howard Stone (Cambridge) are also acknowledged.

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