Bulk Nanostructured Metals for Innovative Applications


Nanostructuring of various materials is a key for obtaining extraordinary properties that are very attractive for different structural and functional applications. During the last two decades, the production of bulk nanostructured materials (BNMs) by severe plastic deformation (SPD) techniques has attracted special interest since it offers new opportunities for the fabrication of commercial nanostructured metals and alloys for various specific applications. Very significant progress has been made in this area in recent years, which is evident by the first production of advanced pilot articles from nanostructured metals with new functionality. These aspects of innovations of BNMs processed by SPD are discussed in this overview.

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The work of A.P.Z. and T.G.L. was supported by the European Research Council under ERC Grant Agreement No. 267464-SPDMETALS. The work of R.Z.V. was in part supported by the Federal Special-Purpose Program under government contracts and in part by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. I.S. acknowledges gratefully the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation for financial support through the Ramon y Cajal Fellowship.

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  • Severe Plastic Deformation
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • Accumulative Roll Bonding
  • Nanostructured Metal
  • TiNi Alloy