, Volume 64, Issue 7, pp 793–801 | Cite as

Recent Advances in Skin-Inspired Sensors Enabled by Nanotechnology

  • Kenneth J. Loh
  • Faezeh Azhari


The highly optimized performance of nature’s creations and biological assemblies has inspired the development of their bio-inspired artificial counterparts that can potentially outperform conventional systems. In particular, the skin of humans, animals, and insects exhibits unique functionalities and properties and has subsequently led to active research in developing skin-inspired sensors. This paper presents a summary of selected work related to skin-inspired tactile, distributed strain, and artificial hair cell flow sensors, with a particular focus on technologies enabled by recent advancements in the nanotechnology domain. The purpose is not to present a comprehensive review on this broad subject matter but rather to use selected work to outline the diversity of current research activities.


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