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Nickel laterite technology—Finally a new dawn?


This paper describes progress made in nickel laterite technology since 1998, when high-pressure acid leaching, a low-cost method to recover nickel from laterite ores, was introduced in Western Australia. The article discusses developments in nickel laterite technology in relation to four essential factors: economic incentive, technology developments since 1998, corporate commitments since 1998, and challenges remaining.

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  1. W.P. Imrie and D.M. Lane, editors, Proceedings of the International Laterite Nickel Symposium (Warrendale, PA: TMS, 2004).

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Michael G. King is director of metallurgical technology at Falconbridge Ltd. in Falconbridge, Canada.

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King, M.G. Nickel laterite technology—Finally a new dawn?. JOM 57, 35–39 (2005).

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