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RETRACTED ARTICLE: A Review and State of Art of Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Review article
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Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering Aims and scope Submit manuscript

This article was retracted on 26 July 2023

This article has been updated


The Internet of Things (IoT) is basically like a system for connecting computer devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, or individuals provided with the unique system (UIDs) and without transfer to transmit data over an ability human-to-human or computer-to-human relation. Another thing on the internet is that the items in the IoT are like a connected manner with humans and computers to which internet protocol addresses can be assigned and which can transfer data over the network or another man-made object. In this paper, we describe the utilization of IoT in the cloud, fog, IoT technologies with applications and security. Specifically, we provide IoT architecture for design and development with sensors in 6G. Finally, we discuss the current research, solutions, and present open issues of future research in IoT.

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This research was supported in part by the China NSFC Grant (U2001207, 61872248), Guangdong NSF 2017A030312008, Shenzhen Science and Technology Foundation (No. ZDSYS20190902092853047), the Project of DEGP (No.2019KCXTD005), the Guangdong “Pearl River Talent Recruitment Program” under Grant 2019ZT08X603. Kaishun Wu is the corresponding author.

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