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Table 1 The set of nominal parameter values and their uncertainties adopted for the calculations

From: Computing Methods in the Analysis of Road Accident Reconstruction Uncertainty

  Parameter xj Nominal value xj(0) Uncertainty value adopted
Symbol Absolute Δxj Relative Δxj/xj (%)
x1 Initial braking speed V0 (m/s) 13.9 (50 km/h) ΔV0 1.39 (5 km/h) 10
x2 Tyre-road adhesion coefficient μ (–) 0.7 Δμ 0.05 7.1
x3 Total system response time tr (s) 1.3 Δtr 0.3 23.1
x4 Braking deceleration rise time tn (s) 0.3 Δtn 0.1 33.3