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In vitro plantlet regeneration from nodal explants of field-grown culms in Bambusa glaucescens Willd.

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Nodal segments from field-grown culms were used as explants to develop a method of in vitro plantlet regeneration in Bambusa glaucescens Willd. through axillary bud proliferation. Shoot multiplication experiments were carried out with different concentrations of benzyl adenine (BA) and kinetin (Kn), either singly or in combination. A synergistic effect of the two cytokinins was observed and the best interaction giving the highest rate of shoot multiplication (4.00-fold) was obtained for a combination of 5 μM BA and 15 μM Kn. The MS medium supplemented with 25 μM indole butyric acid (IBA) was most suitable for rooting of shoots. Hardening and acclimatization was successful and plantlets are growing normally in soil.

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