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Physico-chemical characterization, morphology and performance of polyethersulfone based membrane for glycerol removal from biodiesel produced through trans-esterification of waste cooking oils


-In the current research, the biodiesel purification was by use of poly ether sulfone based membrane. The biodiesel was produced from waste cooking oils by trans-esterification. Membranes were fabricated by solution casting through phase inversion method. The effect of PES concentration in the casting solution on physico-chemical characteristics, morphology and performance of membranes in glycerol removal from produced biodiesel was studied. SEM and AFM analysis have been utilized for the membrane morphological characterization. SEM images showed uniform surface for the membranes. AFM analysis revealed that the membrane surface roughness was decreased by increase of polymer concentration. The membrane flux, water content and porosity were also decreased by increase of PES concentration. Moreover, obtained results showed that membrane glycerol rejection and mechanical strength were improved by increase of polymer binder concentration. The prepared membrane with 16%wt PES showed more appropriate performance compared to others.

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