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A Modern Rigorous Approach to Stratification in NF/NFU

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Logica Universalis Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The main feature of NF/NFU is the notion of stratification, which sets it apart from other set theories. We define stratification and prove constructively that every stratified formula has the (unique) least assignment of types. The basic notion of stratification is concerned only with variables, but we extend it to abstraction terms in order to simplify further development. We reflect on nested abstraction terms, proving that they get the expected types. These extensions enable us to check whether some complex formula is stratified without rewriting it in the basic language. We also introduce natural numbers and a variant of the axiom of infinity, in order to precisely introduce type level ordered pairs, which are crucial in simplifying the definitions in the last part of the article. Using these notions we can easily define the sets of ordinal and cardinal numbers, which we show at the end of the article. The same approach can be readily applied to NF.

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We would like to express our gratitude to Jason Block from CUNY Graduate Center for copy editing this article, and to Tin Perkov for providing us with useful comments and suggestions. This work was supported by the Croatian Science Foundation under projects IP-2018-01-7459 (CompStruct) and UIP-2017-05-9219 (FORMALS).

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