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Hintikka Memorial Issue: Introduction and Remarks on Jaakko Hintikka’s Logical Philosophy


Introduction to the Special Issue in Logica Universalis on Jaakko Hintikka’s Logical Philosophy, with biographical and bibliographical remarks.

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  1. For a detailed autobiographical material on Hintikka’s life and work, see e.g. [8, 11, 12].

  2. Details drawn in August 2018.

  3. Hintikka to Jean-Yves Beziau, personal communication on 1 July 2011. Quoted by permission.

  4. These are: “Tutkimus filosofiasta” (“A Study on Philosophy”), Suomalainen Suomi 4/1955, pp. 206–211, and “Tutkimus kielestä” (“A Study on Language”), Suomalainen Suomi 5/1955, pp. 272–277. They are not listed in Hintikka’s official list of publications. In the latter paper, Hintikka observes what much later came to be known as the ill-named Wittgenstein–Kripke problem of following rules, together with what his interpretation of Wittgenstein’s dissolution to that obvious sceptical criticism was. To mean by ‘understanding the rule’ something else than merely following it as a certain technique, Hintikka explains in the paper, one has to demand certain additional guarantees that one has in fact hit upon a genuine understanding and not only an illusion of understanding, and that those guarantees can be received only from the “conceptual environment” in which language is used—they cannot be contained in any private or singular event.


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