Logic Prizes et Cætera


I discuss the origin and development of logic prizes around the world. In a first section I describe how I started this project by creating the Newton da Costa Logic Prize in Brazil in 2014. In a second section I explain how this idea was extended into the world through the manifesto A Logic Prize in Every Country! and how was organized the Logic Prizes Contest at the 6th UNILOG (World Congress and School on Universal Logic) in Vichy in June 2018 with the participation of 9 logic prizes winners from 9 countries. In a third section I discuss how this project will develop in the future with the creation of more logic prizes, an Encyclopædia of Logic, the book series Logic PhDs, as well as the creation of a World Logic Day, January 14, day of birth of Alfred Tarski and of death of Kurt Gödel.

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All this work has been developed with the collaboration of many people along the years. To present the complete list would require several pages. So I will just explicitly here thank the organizers or/and co-organizers of the logic prizes of each country:

\(\bullet \) Newton da Costa Logic Prize (Brazil): Itala D’Ottaviano

\(\bullet \) Schotch-Jennings Logic Prize (Canada): François Lepage and John Woods

\(\bullet \) Georgius Benignus Logic Prize (Croatia): Srecko Kovac

\(\bullet \) Turkish Society Logic Prize (Turkey): Vedat Kamer and Safak Ural

\(\bullet \) Vasiliev Logic Prize (Russia): Elena Lisanyuk

\(\bullet \) Bimal Krishna Matilal Logic Prize (India): Mihir Chakraborty and Raja Natarajan,

\(\bullet \) SILFS Italian Logic Prize (Italy): Roberto Giuntini

\(\bullet \) Aristotle Logic Prize (Greece): Petros Stefaneas and Ioannis Vandoulakis

\(\bullet \) Alfred Tarski Logic Prize (Poland): Andrzej Indrzejczak, Andrzej Pietruszczak and Marek Nasieniewski

\(\bullet \) Louis Couturat Logic Prize (France): Christophe Rey

These thanks naturally extend to:

\(\bullet \) All the members of the juries of all these logic prizes

\(\bullet \) All the participants who submitted a paper to these prizes

\(\bullet \) All the organizers of UNILOG’2018

\(\bullet \) All the staff of Birkhäuser.

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