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To Peirce Hintikka’s Thoughts


This paper compares Peirce’s and Hintikka’s logical philosophies and identifies a cross-section of similarities in their thoughts in the areas of action-first epistemology, pragmaticist meaning, philosophy of science, and philosophy of logic and mathematics.

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Correspondence to Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen.

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Supported by the Estonian Research Council, Personal Research Grant PUT 1305, Principle Investigator A.-V. Pietarinen, 2016–2018; University of Helsinki Excellence in Research Grant (“Peirce’s Pragmaticist Philosophy and Its Applications, PI Pietarinen, 2006–2008), and the Russian Academic Excellence Project “5-100”. Earlier versions of the paper with the same title were presented at The Epistemology and Methodology of Jaakko Hintikka, Copenhagen, Carlsberg Academy, 2007, and as a keynote in the Workshop on Hintikka’s Logical Thought, The 6th International Congress of Universal Logic, Vichy, France, June 2018. My thanks to the participants, commentators and questioners of those occasions, the first of which included Hintikka and from whom the suggestion of systematizing this perspective by using what I have termed the ‘action-first’ epistemology came from.

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  • action-first epistemology
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  • epistemic logic
  • cross-identification