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Labelled Tableau Systems for Some Subintuitionistic Logics


Labelled tableau systems are developed for subintuitionistic logics \(\mathbf {wK}_\sigma \), \(\mathbf {wKT}_\sigma \) and \(\mathbf {wK4}_\sigma \). These subintuitionistic logics are embedded into corresponding normal modal logics. Hintikka’s model systems are applied to prove the completeness of labelled tableau systems. The finite model property, decidability and disjunction property are obtained by labelled tableau method.

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Correspondence to Minghui Ma.

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This work was supported by Guangdong Province Higher Vocational Colleges and Schools Pearl River Scholar Funded Scheme (2017–2019).

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  • Labelled tableau system
  • subintuitionistic logic
  • modal logic

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