On a Generalization of Equilogical Spaces


We use the theory of triposes to prove that every (non-degenerate) locale H is the set of truth values of a complete and co-complete quasi-topos into which the category of topological spaces embeds and the topos of sheaves over H reflectively embeds.

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Correspondence to Fabio Pasquali.

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The author wants to thank Professors M. E. Maietti, G. Rosolini and T. Streicher for their useful comments and also the anonymous readers whose advices considerably improved the final shape of the paper.

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  • Triposes
  • Partial equivalence relations
  • Equilogical spaces

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  • Primary 03G30
  • Secondary 03B20
  • 03B80
  • 18B30
  • 18C50