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Table 1 The Petersen graph

From: DiscreteZOO: A Fingerprint Database of Discrete Objects

\(\begin{array}{ll} \mathbf{GUID} &{} \quad \texttt {c74c6028a25a65a6189db885bdaa11aa1c1f2a861f4c0d0e8efd6a4ec786e0a5} \\ \mathbf{CID} &{} \quad \texttt {Zc74c-6028-a25a+8} \\ \mathbf{data} &{} \quad {\texttt {:IeIKqPD?hgAH?G}}^{\tilde{\,}}{} \\ \mathbf{aliases} &{} \quad \hbox {Petersen graph }\\ \end{array}\)
Class graph
is arc-transitive true
is bipartite false
is Cayley false
is distance-regular true
is distance-transitive true
is edge-transitive true
is Eulerian false
is Hamiltonian false
is overfull false
is partial cube false
is split false
is strongly regular true
clique number 2
connected components number 1
diameter 2
girth 5
odd girth 5
order 10
size 15
triangles count 0
Class vertex-transitive graph
Index in [20] (10, 5)
Class cubic vertex-transitive graph
Index in [9] (10, 1)
Index in [28] (10, 3)
is Möbius ladder false
is prism false
is SPX false